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Reward your people…


They’ve hit their sales targets, completed a big project, or simply come through a challenging time. Recognise their efforts by throwing a surprise gourmet pizza party. We do all the work. All they have to do is smile, eat and feel valued.


Build your team…


Put some real fun back in to corporate team building. Your people will work together to produce hand-made, wood-fired pizzas fit for the Boardroom. Pit one team against another and have their culinary work ‘marked’ by your in-house Kitchen Dragons.


Give your conference a lift…


Curly sandwiches, tired finger buffets, demotivated delegates. Leave all that behind by booking a Pizza Oven crew to come and cook the finest hand-made, wood fired gourmet pizzas. We’ll say something about your business that a sausage on a stick never could.


Fresh food, fast!


Corporate Events


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Telephone 07769155057


One of our vans can produce up to 60 wood-fired pizzas an hour. Each one is hand-made, using the very finest ingredients. This isn't fast food. It's fresh food, fast.


Our look is Mediterranean and so is our approach. We work hard, have fun and engage with our customers. Great food is about more than just eating.


We have a five-star food hygiene rating and are fully compliant with all safety requirements (smoke certification, PAT testing, Gas Safe testing). Our event crews are hand-picked, experienced operators who know how to deliver quick and consistent excellence.


Please contact us for more information.

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